Instructions for use Men's Defence

Men's Line of Defense-Instructions

Men's body armor instructions

The use of the drug must comply with the instructions. Only in this case can the manufacturer guarantee rapid and professional treatment of prostatitis. The instructions below detail how to use men's bulletproof ammunition in case you lose the manual that came with the product box.

Take 1 capsule with plenty of water before meals. The admission time is 30 days. In particularly difficult circumstances, it may take more time to fully cure and restore prostate function.

Instructions for use

If you experience the following symptoms, please use Men's Defense capsules to treat or prevent prostatitis:

  • Burning and pain when going to the toilet, often urged.
  • Pain in the perineum, testicles, and lower back.
  • An erection or not.
  • Unable to achieve sexual release.

Use contraindications

The capsule has no side effects or contraindications. Anyone in the UK can use the drug to treat prostatitis.